Money Saving tips

So I’m a serious clearance whore! Or anything that involves saving money! I get a serious high off it like I just jumped out of a plane! Im constantly texting my friends when I see a good deal I know they would love!
I’m the go to girl if they need to buy something because chances are I have a coupon for it! So I figured I’d write about the things I use to get a good deal!


Target Cartwheel! Simple app you download and just scan the products to see if there is a deal! I am constantly checking for when they have there baby stuff on sale to stock up on what I need! Esp when they give gift cards if you spend so much! I’ve done the numbers that’s the best price usually when it comes to baby stuff with the get a gift card.
Let’s not forget about the Target red card, 5% savings every purchase! I love that it’s linked to my bank card and not a credit card cause I’m all about my credit score!!

Shopkick is another great one I use. If you don’t want Apple or whatever phone to know where you are this might not be for you because you have to have “locations” ON. Open the app when you walk into certain participating stores and just like that you earn KICKS! They also let you earn kicks by scanning certain products! After so many kicks you can earn a gift card at a number of stores! Not gonna lie when I was pregnant with Kai I would walk around Target and just scan stuff to keep my mind off when this baby was coming!

Coupon Sherpa! Super easy app, just search for the store and see if they are offering any coupons! I use it a lot for AC Moore, Joann Fabrics and Kohls!


Ebates! Ahhh I love ebates especially Christmas time! I hit up first, type in my store and it automatically directs me to the site! I shop and earn money, it’s legit that easy! They participate with Amazon too which I forget sometimes and don’t go there first! I always take those rebate checks and stick them in the boys savings account! It all adds up!


Ibotta has been my latest obsession!! It’s an app where you select a participating store, I use it at Wegmans and Target all the time! They have select items you can add to your account and get cash back just for buying them! All you do is take a picture of your receipt to prove purchase and money adds into your account! Once you hit 20$ you can have it transferred to PayPal or redeem it for a gift card!


If you have any other apps or money saving tips you use, please share! I love a good deal!!




Weekend Favs 6/30

These little fruits chews have been my go to treat for when my son goes on the potty! Definitely a work in progress! It’s nice to have an organic all natural fruit chew that I can count on to entice him! I like these better than some other natural ones because they are tiny and easier for him to chew!


Earth Mix Double Chocolate Protein powder!! All my CNYers need to try this, it’s made locally and absolutely delicious! I’ve been throwing it in my shaker cup with some almond milk and out the door I go for work! It contains no gmos, no fillers, no crap! With raw ingredients and Whole Foods!! Def a must try!


Peony Rose Bud Hair Oil! This leaves my hair smelling amazing! It makes my hair nice and shiny too! I got it in my nourishment beauty box and I’m obsessed! I feel like my hair never has like a smell to it, so this is my new signature scent cause my hair just soaked up the amazing smell!


Have a fabulous weekend!!



He’s not saying 20 words?


I took Kai to his 18month check up and everything was going great, he was going wild, tearing the paper off the table as I was trying to answer the doctors questions. She said to me is he talking?

Um he says mama dada randomly but nothing more.

She looked taken back and said he should be saying 10-20 words, and of course my mind is like what omg is something wrong!

She wanted him to be evaluated my a speech therapist. She gave me all the paperwork to get the ball rolling.

As I left and was driving away, I was puzzled because he wasn’t talking but we were communicating in our own way. Everyone learns at their own pace, its no different for a toddler. As his pediatrician, I do appreciate her being on top of things though.

Also, I had taught him sign language so he didn’t need to use his words, he signed to me.

Anyways he was evaluated and he did not qualify for any services. They gave me tips to help stimulate his verbal skills. Blowing bubbles, using a straw, things to get his mouth muscles working! Other tips such as reading a book repetitively and stopping to see if he will continue. And many others that we started to incorporate.

His 2 year appointment was approaching and I knew his pediatrician would ask me again. My answer would be the same, he’s not saying much at all.

Surprising because if you know me personally, you know my husband, he’s a talker! Like a biggggg talker, how are you? No I want your life story lol.

So I took it upon myself to have him re-evaluated. This time because he was 2 the expectations were higher and he was not meeting them, so he qualified.

His therapist comes to the house 2x a week for 30minutes. Everything she does is initiated by play.

Having him in speech therapy is one of the best things I have done for him thus far. His speech therapist is absolutely wonderful and he loves her!

Right after Kash was born, that’s when the flood gates opened. I’m not quite sure where he gets his southern drawl from but it’s the cutest.

Now the second he hears my foot steps in the morning Ma Ma Ma, it doesn’t stop! Just the other day he wanted another vitamin gummie and I told him no that’s medicine, his response “Seriously” and I see my attitude so clearly in him! Ha

He just went down to 1 day a week with his therapist and soon won’t need it at all.
The therapist said when he was 2 it wasn’t abnormal and we could even wait to have him start and see what happens.

We chose to have him start because I didn’t want him to get angry and frustrated wih himself when others couldn’t understand his needs.

Parents know their children and everyone makes the decision they feel is best. He is quite the chatter box these days and in loving every minute of hearing his little voice!



Different Reaction?

So after my recent experience with losing my $$ 💩 with  Kash and his procedure, I got to thinking have I ever done that with Kai.


Kai was a little over a year old, Daddy was on the way home from being out of town. I had held it down so well, until bath time hit. Completely washed up, I was opening up the towel on my chest and bending to pick him up. Legit a matter of 3 seconds. He slipped and hit his chin and starts screaming. I instantly pick him up and soothe him, and then I’m covered in blood. Wtf. His chin split wide open. The medical side of me kicked in and I got a cold cloth to apply to it. What the hell just happened, what is sharp in my tub?!

I didn’t fall apart like I did with Kash. Why? Because there was no one there for me to hand him too. My son needed me and I didn’t have a choice. It was me and Kai, and the blood was still coming. I quickly called urgent care to make sure they had a pediatrician on staff. It wasn’t far from my house at all so I got the blood under control and off we went!

They we were wonderful taking care of both of us. I was choking back the tears as I explained what happened. Thankfully it was just the right size for them to glue together and not stitch!! I told the pediatrician how confused I was and she explained that’s how the chin is. Hit it just right and it will split right open. Learned that one the hard way. Kai, however was fine 5 minutes after it happened and got glued up like a pro!!

The funny part is, his father has a chin scar in the same exact spot! Like father like son!

Hopefully, we are done with Mommy meltdowns for a while. Ha, who am I kidding? I meltdown on the regular!



Motherhood Love ❤️

If your reading this, a big Thank you for reading and following my blog! I took a leap out of my comfort zone when I started this but the feedback has been so positive!

When I get writing it’s authentic and straight from the heart but please know I don’t believe my way is the only way!

Don’t think that way I may convey something makes me think it’s superior and I look down on how others do it! Do you Mamas, I’m just over here babbling away 🙂

I totally get that motherhood isn’t one size fits all, it’s a different journey for everyone!
Some of us formula feed, some of us breast feed! Some of us have vaginal births, or c sections or vbacs or planned c sections! Some of us have drug free births and some of us are like hello lets go with those drugs! Maybe you stay at home or maybe you work!

I think what matters is that we love our babies! That we know we all have different journeys, but being a mom is hard and we need to support each other on this journey! That is what I’m all about and I love learning how other mamas do things!

Weekend Favs!! 6/23

EzPz mats are the bomb! My 2year old has an arm like Aaron Judge and let me tell you a bowl full of cous cous thrown across my kitchen is no fun! These mats make for mess free dinnertime because they stick to the table and don’t budge! They come in all different fun designs and colors!


So I love to make my own tick repellent, but these packets are super convenient to have on hand! I’ve got a few packets in my car and in my bag! You never know when your gonna take an impromptu trip into the woods! 100% organic, and free of deet and chemicals! I’m not gonna lie though if I’m in an area camping heavy with ticks I will sprays with deet on the outside of clothes!


Garden of Life plant based chocolate fudge bars! My husband is constantly bringing home different bars for me to try, I’m very picky! He gets so annoyed because in usually like eh it’s okay! Calling all chocolate lovers! This one is legit! Healthy, and doesn’t taste like carboard!! Being a busy mom bars like this are a life saver! 1 Gram of SugarOrganicVeganGluten FreeDairy FreeSoy Free

Did I fail him?

The other day my almost 3month old, Kashie had a consult with a pediatric oral surgeon aka speciality dentist. His pediatrician suspected he had both tongue tie and lip tie. Had I been able to nurse longer we probably would have been at this appointment sooner. These issues were probably what caused my engorgement issues in the beginning. However with bottle feeding, it wasn’t as noticeable.

Anyways, as we suspected he would have to have these issues lasered to detach them. He need a frenectomy and his tongue tie fixed. His upper part because of how it was attached was very red, raw and swollen. He was overcompensating when he was sucking to get the milk out. She said we could do the procedure today instead of coming back. I am a planner so this threw me for a loop but I had to go with it.
My husband wasn’t with me because we thought it was just a consult, but I called him to let him know what was going on. We had both agreed to get it taken care of as to not put Kash through any continued discomfort when he ate.

The staff at the facility was beyond wonderful. In fact, they are the only facility within CNY besides Albany that does this procedure. They explained everything to me thoroughly, and made sure I understood everything. It sounded simple and so I told my husband he didn’t need to leave work.
I cried when they took him back, naturally.

However, I wasn’t prepared for my in ability to hold it together when they gave him back to me. Babies can feel your emotions, I usually can stay calm in stressful situations. They handed him to me, and of course he was screaming. The problem is, you know different cries of your baby, this one I had never heard before. It shot through my body like a thousand knives and I lost it. I started balling my eyes out, and next thing I know they needed to take him because I was going to be sick and pass out.

In that moment I knew I failed as his mom. I was trying hard to pull it together but my emotions got the best of me. Did I make it worse for him? Could he feel my energy? Looking back, if I had a repeat it may have happened the same all over again. I’ll fail multiple times at this Mom thing, but I failed because of love, and I can accept that.

They were absolutely wonderful soothing my baby as well as tending to me and calming me down. A few minutes later I had my baby back in my arms and was snuggling him tight. It was so much worse for me than him, he was calm by the time they gave him back. He handled it like a champ and slept like a baby all the way home. He was a little sore that night but nothing crazy. We needed to do exercises in his mouth every 4 hours and he fussed a little but nothing too bad. By day 3 post op, he was happy as a clam and the stretches he laughed right thru!

This mom shit is no joke. These tiny humans take hold of your heart and your never the same. It was the simplest procedure but when it’s happening to the thing you love more than anything it seems like the worst thing ever! Kash is doing absolutely wonderful and is mouth is healing perfectly!



Marriage and a Baby

If you want your whole life to completely change, have a baby.

My husband and I had been married 4 years before we had our son. We have a pretty solid marriage and great communication, but I was not prepared for the toll a new baby would take on us. It had just been us and our dog for so long. We had to learn a new us, with a baby boy that relied on us for everything.
The first few months were rough, sleep deprivation, a crying baby, a wife with PPD, and just trying to find balance and figure out how the heck to raise a baby can have it’s challenges. We both had our ideas how of to parent and they sometimes differed which caused some tension. I am a neurotic nancy and he’s a go with the flow no big deal kinda parent, so you can imagine the clashing. The one time he left my precious liquid gold on the counter, you couldn’t fathom the anger I felt as I poured it down the sink. There were definitely times we wanted to rip each others heads off and I thought how are we gonna make it. The next day, I got some sleep, had a shower, and all was good in the world.
There was no nurturing our relationship during this time period, it was all about our son. There was no more cuddling, watching a movie together, one of us was either showering, sleeping or holding the baby. What we both needed to realize that at this stage with a newborn, this was all NORMAL! I nothing to do with him, but that was more my PPD than anything, and he wanted affection. It just wasn’t happening. Our relationship was definitely tested, but like in “Tuesday’s with Morrie” love wins, love always wins. In time we found balance, and I got healthy mentally. We slowly got back to our new normal with our baby boy.
We definitely make sure we are getting in date night,because conversations are almost impossible when a 2 year old wants to be the center of attention and doesn’t let you talk. My husband still wants affection, and as he’s going in for a kiss Im ducking and weaving to get the dishes done. This is something I know I need to get better at, but when I have a few minutes free, I want the house clean lol. I need to put the energy into my husband and hire a cleaning lady, its a win-win! I know I should be grateful he is still leaning in for a kiss, I’m very fortunate.
Marriage is hard work, and now I see that more than ever. We need to set aside the time for each other to make sure we are growing together and not apart. The best part about us though, is we know this and we put the effort in. So if your in the thick of it, and wanting to rip your significant other’s head off, its completely normal. Get some rest, take a hot shower, and you will feel better! The beginning is the hardest, but the best is yet to come as you watch your little one grow together and build memories!

XOXO Casey

Weekend Favs 6/16!!


Klorane Dry Shampoo! I love everything about this dry shampoo! As a busy full time working mom this is my go to! Quick easy way to get my hair clean without the fuss! Spray and go! It’s paraben and sulfate free, yaya!! Did I mention it smells great! Which with this crazy rash I don’t have anything that has a scent to it touch my skin so at least my hair is smelling right 🙂


Oxo Tot Dryig rack! This thing is such a space saver it’s not even funny! It’s nice and compact on my counter leaving, everything nice and organized! Would you believe it’s the only kind out there with this design! Absolutely obsessed! Highly recommended for any new mamas out there with limited counter space, add this to your registry!

Coffee Cacao Organic Power Snacks! If you are a coffee lover these are a must try! Small little bites that pack a punch! They contain 8 superfoods, taste delicious and are nongmo/organic!! Perfect grab and go snack!!


Simple word, goes a long way. This little tidbit of advice is huge, like Pretty Woman commission huge. We often get so caught up in the day to day we forget to let people know we appreciate them. Have you told your partner, your mom, a friend that you appreciate them lately?

So what brings up this topic for me. Ohh lawd you have no idea my appreciation for my husband after lastnight.
Today was first my first day back at work, he was on Kash duty so I could get off to a fresh start.

Cue midnight and a crying two year old. I walk into his room and he’s sitting down, not his normal standing reaching for me. He is covered in puke 😦 I’m in panic mode trying to get him cleaned up, but he’s crying so I know he’s not choking, thank goodness! My poor baby. All cleaned up in bed with Mama and the puking just doesn’t stop for the next two hours.
Do you think I heard Kash make a peep? Nope he was going on the longest sleeping stretch of his life, of course. Finally, I creeped downstairs ready to grovel to my husband to switch with me lol. He of course took over with Kai and I laid down with Kash. My husband has the magic touch, Kai stopped getting sick and laid down to rest. Kash slept a few more hours too! Hopefully we keep up this streak. I also got to snuggle him when he woke up before I left for work 🙂

So I get up, do my morning thing and I head off to work. I thought about texting my husband, but I decided to call him instead. To thank him for switching with me and letting me get some sleep.

“Of course babe, he’s my son”
and that is why I love him 🙂

Did I really have to thank him? No, but I appreciate him, not just for that but for all the things he does. It’s important to me that he knows that. I think we all can use that little reminder here and there. Keeps the communication open and provides for a happy healthy relationship when people feel appreciated.

Kai is feeling much better and I somehow survived my first day back at work.



PS if someone came to mind while reading this, give them a call, let them know you appreciate them 🙂