Virgin Mom Blogger

So I am starting this blog MamaBluex 2 for me more than anything else to deal with overwhelming day to day of 2 boys and get my thoughts out. I am no Ernest Hemingway quick witted writer who is going to leave you enamored or begging for more. If anything you’ll get a good laugh, some happy tears, and maybe pick up something useful. I’ll keep it raw and transparent because we could use a little more of that in the Mom world to realize ahh yes that happened to me too, your not alone kinda feel! And this first post will probably be the longest because I do not have as much time and they will probably be written at 2am while my 3 week old is wide awake staring at me and no good re-runs of housewives are on Bravo.
So a little about me, I’m in my 30s, small town in NY with a wonderful supporting husband, a 2year old Kai Vincent, and just out of the womb 3 week old Kash Julian. My husband and I put a lot of focus in making sure our kids get the healthiest, cleanest foods and I’ll share some of that in here as well. In a few short weeks I’ll be going back to work full time 😦 and will have to figure out how to juggle it all, while my husband travels in and out of town.
My secondary blog post will be about Kai’s birth, who doesn’t love a good birth story?! Holy crap are they so different. Next post I will write about Kash Julian. Wow talking about my boys I’m starting to love this writing thing 🙂 Stay tuned 🙂


8 thoughts on “Virgin Mom Blogger

  1. Awsome!! got here through lizzy and sure going to follow your blog 🙂 just as i do with lizzy’s blog!
    A mother myself so always happy to read a new blog! xoxo Awentia


  2. That’s awesome! I’m another person that got here through lizzy’s Blog and I also have a 3 week old, as well as a 2.5 year old! Looking forward to getting some good tips from another newborn Mama!


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