VBAC Success & Pure Bliss

After reading about Kai’s birth story, you will find this one is a complete 360. I still can’t even believe it myself. Based on my past experience I went into this one with not many plans or expectations. No birth plan written, I rattled off my wishes in between contractions. We didn’t even find out what we are having, such a fun surprise! My doctor had sewn me up previously so I could try a VBAC the next time around. Unfortunately, my doctor had to retire so I was forced to go to someone different which I was very apprehensive about, I absolutely loved my doctor. However I found another that I grew to love just as much! In the beginning, I had a lot of pain around my c section and the thought was I had a lot of scar tissue to cut thru and we may have to do a scheduled c section.

Towards the end we had one scheduled, but it just wasn’t sitting right with me. I told my doctor we had to cancel, I couldn’t do it, I wanted to try to VBAC. He was completely on board and supported my decision. He informed me I couldn’t have any drugs because we didn’t want to put me in an emergency situation not knowing how much scar tissue there was and how long it could take to cut thru if it was attached to any organs. I was okay with that, I did think I could labor in the tub, but when I got to the hospital I was told no because they needed to monitor me closely. These contractions went from 12mins laying in bed at midnight watching Sex and The City to 3mins in the blink of an eye. I’ll never forget, the scene in sex and the city when the girl from 30 rock falls out the window at the party, she fell and I had that contraction that was like OH $hit we need to get to the hospital! My husband lives for this stuff, he would have a football team of babies, he got everything together so excited to get to the hospital.
Everything was going real well until I hit 8cm, my contractions were close together but not strong enough to dilate me anymore. Up until then I thought this is a breeze I can handle the pain, boy was I wrong once 8cm hit. They wanted to give me pitocin, are you crazy I can’t handle anymore pain!! I begged for an epidural or a c section at that point. The doctor wanted a bag of fluids in me for my blood pressure and agreed to give me the epidural. Waiting for the fluids to go in I dropped a lot of F bombs, I could no longer handle the pain. Finally, the anesthesia got there and it was a doctor I had previously worked with In the OR. I said to him, you better not F this up, and the poor midwife was like no honey you can’t talk to the doctor like that, LOL. He laughed and said I know her, i won’t mess this up for you! I got that epidural, Ahhhhh felt so good! I didn’t even need the Pitocin. Us women are freakin rockstars whether you get the epidural or not that experience is intense and we handle it and get it done! Might I add same goes for those of us that have to have a c section, easy way out my ass, if someone said that to my face I would probably smack them!
That epidural is exactly what I needed for my body to relax, and get me to 10 and then it was time to push. Time to push, it’s really happening. I was so focused and in that moment I felt so empowered, everything I said about never doing this again went out the window. All I could think while I was pushing was, I want to do this again someday! How wild! Crazy how that changed! I was so excited and he put the baby up on my chest, nobody knew what it was because the baby was still curled up. It was a good minute and the doctor spread the baby’s legs and it was a BOY!!! A VBAC success and I was on cloud nine, I am still on cloud nine.

I was completely content if I needed a c section, but I was in awe that I was able to VBAC. There were definitely things with the vaginal birth that I had no idea about. I won’t get into all the TMI details but it’s crazy the situation down there. The emotions I felt were out of this world, I was obsessed with my little man, and how amazing that experience was. I did not expect to feel the way I did after all this, in fact I was a little nervous I would get depressed all over again. I wasn’t on Princess Kate’s level 8 hours later, but I was feeling pretty damn good. It’s been weeks since I gave birth and I’m still on a high. Having 2 little boys doesn’t overwhelm me at all, I look forward to my sleepless nights and every second has been complete bliss. Expectations, sometimes it’s better to not have any, things might turn out even better than you could have imagined!

Xoxo Casey


Little tip if your delivering soon:
Maxi pad
Witch hazel
Rub on the pad stick in freezer!
These were my go 2 and helped soothe the puffy chucky!


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