Weekend Favs!!





This weekend Favs are all Earth Mama Angel Baby products! And no I am not getting paid to talk about these, I wish lol! I came across these products while searching for natural products for my first son a few years ago!

This lip balm is hands down my absolute favorite I have ever had! It feels like silk on your lips so moisturizing. I’ve only tried the coconut vanilla so far but I’m excited to get my hands on the others!

This Nipple Butter is an absolute must! My favorite thing about it is, that because it’s natural you don’t have to wipe it off before you nurse. I can remember them giving me the lanolin in the hospital and telling me I had to wait to nurse after applying ! Well baby wanted to nurse and I did my best to wipe it off and remember Kai spitting up right after! I caked this butter on my nipples 24/7. I stocked up this time around for Kash! I even used it as chapstick when my boobies no longer needed it!!

Can we talk about this deodorant! I no longer use any deodorant with aluminum it, but finding natural ones that actually WORK was not easy! I have found a few along that do work and this is one my favs!! This is great even if you aren’t pregnant or nursing, a nice natural alternative!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

Xoxox Casey


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