I wish now it was SCABIES

I bet that Title had you like what in the Worldddd!
So if your into medical mysteries this blog will intrigue you, if not it will probably bore you, it’s kinda long as this whole ordeal has taken forever! The RASH before Kash…

Rewind to February, So at about 34 weeks pregnant I got these little bumps on my elbow and inside my fingers. I mentioned it to my OB and he wanted me to get it checked ASAP. My dermatology was booked so I got sent to some bootleg Dermatologist. She looked at me, said it’s eczema and sent me with cream. 3 days later it had spread and I was itching like crazy, I called that bootleg Derm, no call back. That night I was about to take a razor blade to my skin or dip my hands and feet in acid. No exaggeration the itching got that bad. Friday that bootleg Derm didn’t call me back either, so I went to my OB begging for something. He said he couldn’t give me anything bc he didn’t know what it was and my regular dermatologist couldn’t see me until Monday. That weekend I didn’t sleep and I just itched my life away. Come Monday it had spread even worse and I saw my Derm. The NP brought in the Doc and they are looking me over. It looks like scabies she said, my response, I’m pregnant and infested with f*ckin bugs?!? She nearly choked on her spit as she tried to calm me down. This rash was everywhere except where my baby was gonna come out and my face, thank god for small miracles. All I could think though was my 2 year old can’t get this, I can’t go into early labor and my house needs to be fumigated!! Omg I have bugs!! I work in a hospital so it’s not far fetched to catch something like this. I had to rub myself with cream to kill the bugs. I was so paranoid about my house and my family, I found a natural oil, Neem Oil, to treat my son as a preventive measure. I made my husband, my mother and mother in law all rub down this oil that smelled like a skunk! Kai took a bath in the oil every night for a week. I took everything in my house and put in a bag, everything that could go in the dryer went and I sprayed my whole house head to toe over and over.

After the treatment it all got so much worse, but I thought has to get worse before better! My skin became covered with millions of water blisters that itches like crazy! When I itched I ripped off the skin and my hands and feet were just raw and bloody. I sent my sister in a law a picture, her response, it looks like the Zombie Apocalypse! It was awful. I couldn’t wash my own hair, I could barely walk, at this point I’m 36 weeks pregnant. Never mind the discomfort of being this far along , I had this on top of it! I go back to the Derm thinking it’s part of the healing process. Nope, this doesn’t look right, they pulled a doctor out of surgery to come look at me. It wasn’t scabies! But what was it?! This is the scary part, I start from the beginning with this doctor and he informs me there are a few dangerous rashes when pregnant and we may have to take the baby early. Whoa! I went from eczema, to scabies, and now a potential rash that’s harmful to my baby. They had to do biopsies and bloodwork and they rushed the results. Mean while, I don’t play, I called my OB and said get this baby out now I don’t want anything happening to him. My OB calmed me down, brought me in, checked the baby and hooked me up to the heart monitor. Everything looked okay, let’s wait for the results. Google is not your friend, I tortured myself reading about those pregnancy rashes. Ughhh waiting is the worst! Well the only thing that came back was that it was all infected with Staph, biopsies were inconclusive! On a good note, it wasn’t a dangerous pregnancy rash those were negative, baby was safe. However, still no answers.having staph infection in your skin with a potential for a c section wasn’t the ideal situation. Now we hoped I got enough antibiotics in to kill the infection before baby came, which added to the stress. I continued to itch like crazy, I never slept, I was a disaster, my blood pressure was high from the stress and I was losing weight. My doctor pulled me from work and told me I needed to relax and rest. I spent many hours in the shower for some relief and just balling my eyes out because it was such torture. Mentally it was all starting to get to me but I did my best to stay positive and focus on the good. The only thing they could give me because I was pregnant was a steroid cream which just didn’t help. At this point because I am so pregnant, I need to just wait it out and do my best to deal with the itching. It started to slowly get better as new skin on my hands grew and then healed. Then baby came! Yayy!! 2 days after birth the rash erupted everywhere again 😦 Picture having a new born, engorged boobs, a puffy chucky, and your body itching all over. Girlfriends that is not my idea of a good time. Kash was 1 week old and I was back at the dermatologist for more bloodwork and 3 more biopsies. Multiple doctors came in to look my body over and rattled off multiple tests they wanted run. Pretty overwhelming! Let me tell you, lidocaine in your foot is equivalent to 1 contraction, OUCH!! So now I get the oral steriods, the good stuff to help the itching. I couldn’t wait to pop those drugs for some relief it had been months! I wasn’t even out of the drugstore before I had that first dose in! And again, we wait for results, which took 2 weeks.
I got a call with the results pityriasis rubra pilaris aka PRP, a rare skin disorder, with no known cause, that will take months to years to cure. Finally I was happy to have some answers. They wanted me off the steroids for 2 weeks before starting the medication to treat it, to see what happened. That lasted four days the rash came back and I was itching like crazy. I called and made an apt and saw the NP, but the doctor wasn’t in that day, but luckily she gave me steroids again to help until I saw the doctor next week. So finally I’ve seen the doctor and I will begin the medication to treat this rash and hopefully I will be a case where it goes away in months not years. This is not a fun medication to be on at all and I absolutely can no get pregnant on it and have to be off it a while before we ever try again. So far I am the only case of this occurring during pregnancy. I’m looking forward to getting on the medication, getting rid of the itch and getting off the Meds as soon as possible. I am following up with other doctors to cover my bases based on what PRP has been associated with to make sure the rest of my body is healthy. Hopefully things slowly get better and I can get back to my normal self!
So yes I wish it had been scabies, because that would have been treated and over within weeks.


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