Weekend Favs! 5-4


Weekend Favs!!

The Boba wrap! I got this as a gift for my first son and absolutely love it! It keeps my baby nice and snug to me and comfortable. I often put it on before I get in the car to go somewhere so I’m not in the parking lot trying to mess with it. It does take a few tries to get it on right in the beginning and then it’s a piece of cake! My husband prefer the generic buckle carrier because he doesn’t have he patience to wrap it around! If I help him though he will carry the baby all day in it LOL!!

I am SUPER excited about these Wool Balls!! I am always researching ways to eliminate chemicals from our households and I just threw out our dryer sheets! I was always skeptical because I love nothing more than pulling a nice fresh smelling sweatshirt over my head! These Wool Balls did not disappoint! A few drops of your favorite essential oil and the clothes smell AMAZING!! This pack came with 6 and depending on the load you use 3-5 balls! The only thing I will wait to see is how many loads I get out of the Balls, but other than that I am hooked! So happy to have once less thing with chemicals!

Okay now I wish I knew about this Baby Shusher for Kai! I can not tell you how long I stood in my kitchen with the faucet on to soothe him! This baby shusher works wonders! I stick it at the bottom of Kash Dock a Tot, or in his car seat and he’s instantly calmer! I highly recommend adding this to your registry or if you have a newborn giving this a try!

None of these companies paid me to say any of this, it’s from my own personal experience!!

Have a Fabulous Weekend!!




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