But WHY?!

Everyone loves a newborn. Maybe a little too much. Whether it’s the awkward uncomfortable encounter with strangers or the aunt that’s a little over the top with slobber red lipstick kisses, we’ve all been there. I just don’t get it. Just because they are babies, they are still human beings, not a free for all.

Personally strangers scare the crap out of me. They come up to you “Omg he’s so cute” all in his face, and I’m running for the hills, I’ve seen Dateline, I’m not taking any chances. My husband on the other hand the nicest friendliest person will strike up a conversation and boast about his boys any chance he gets. No sir back up, make sure they can’t get close enough to snatch him I always tell him! I feel like this is even more precedent with the human trafficking stories you hear lately, I’ve heard horror stories! Everyone says you chill out with the second one, that my friend is one area where my neurotic brain is still at 100.

Or what about when the baby is sleeping and someone is all in their face, “omg he’s sleeping, look at him.” Would any adult want someone in their face saying that? Oh I’m pretty sure you just woke my very difficult to get to sleep baby up, was that necessary?!?! And yes my first Kai, he needs a day at the spa type of serenity to sleep. I cringed every time someone tried talking to him when he was sleeping, if you woke my baby the only thing making it better was my boob! Whyyyy, can anyone truly explain to me why people talk to a sleeping baby.

The distant relatives smothering with kisses, I’m not sure which I can not stand more kissing close to their mouth, or their hands that they put in their mouth. Let’s just be thankful my neurotic a$$ is letting you hold my precious child, please no kisses. KISS THEIR TOES!! The thoughts that all run thru our minds, but we rarely ever say them out loud. Welp, cats out of the bag for my family now.

Food is a big pet peeve of mine. Thankfully just about everyone is already aware of this, and they kindly ask before they feed my child anything. But really that needs to be said, it’s not your child you don’t get to make their food choices, and so what if you don’t like mine. And what about allergies?! Don’t just hand a baby something without asking. You can happily walk to the kitchen and grab whatever you like and eat it, I won’t stop you. Try to give it to my kid, different story. Yet I still feel a little weird and like I’m being judged when I say “no he can’t have that.”

These are all minor things, not the end of the world. What matters is that we speak up when anyone or anything compromises the safety of our child. Whether it be family, friends, or strangers, but it can especially be tough when it’s family. Sometimes we take a back seat to not offend someone when out in an uncomfortable situation. What I have found though, when it comes down to it, and in your core you know their safety is jeopardized you’ll have diarrhea of the mouth. Your mother instinct will kick in and out you blurt whatever is needed. You will not hold back out of fear of offending anyone, because the love and protectiveness you feel for your child is more powerful.
It’s crazy the situations you are put in when it comes to your children, things you never think about. Minor or not it’s all a learning experience and we learn as go! There of course is no perfect parent, but damn we love our children perfectly.

I’d love to hear about any awkward/uncomfortable encounters you have had with family or strangers and how you handle them! I certainly have started to speak up more but still a work in progress learning how to vocalize things I don’t want my children subjected too.




2 thoughts on “But WHY?!

  1. I have totally felt more like a first time Mama with my second than I did with my first! She is WAY more irritable and I swear all I see and think about any where we go is germs.


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