Weekend Favs 5-12




Weekend Favs!!!

So I used to be a bath and body works wallflower whore. I loved my house smelling absolutely amazing, but I didn’t realize how bad they are for you to breathe in. As I educated myself on the harmfulness of breathing them in I knew I needed to make a switch. The Mrs. Myers lavender room spray is now my go to! I love the way it smells and it’s safe!


Think Baby dishes are my absolute favorite! With all the chemicals in plastic dishes these days it’s important to know what is in what your using! I love that these are
Free from BPA, lead, PVC, nitrosamines, phthalates, melamine and biologically harmful chemicals.


I love every Earth Mama Angel baby product! The diaper balm which they recently switched to completely organic was the first product I was introduced too! Having something natural that actually works on my babies sensitive little butts is super important to me! I would highly recommend this to any mama!!

No I’m still not getting paid to say anything about these products but if I ever do I will let you know 😉

Everyone have a fabulous Mothers Day Weekend!! Hopefully you all get a little extra sleep if you need it, I know that’s all I want!!




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