Kai’s Smoothies

My husband and I take pride in making sure we feed our children the best we can. There is so much processed food and added sugar in EVERYTHING! Here are a few things I do regularly in my sons diet to make sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs!
Kai loves his SMOOTHIES!! Which makes me a happy mom because we all know a toddler can love peas one day and being flinging them at you the next! A smoothie is a great way for me to know he’s gotten his GREENS in! He asks for a smoothie every morning and sometimes he’ll have another for an evening snack or if I feel he didn’t eat a great dinner! There are so many options when it comes to making him a smoothie! Another trick I learned along the way is making him his own popsicles with the left overs! That way I know he’s not getting the added artificial sugar and I can control what he’s getting! He loves to get a Pop and I don’t mind because I know it’s healthy! He’s gotten older and wiser now and hasn’t been liking the pops because they were green from the spinach and kale, so now I add in beet powder to make them super red and say it’s strawberry! Mom WIN!!!!

I know eating organic can be crazy expensive, I hear ya! Costco is my go to!
Big bag of organic Kale
Big container of Organic
Big bag frozen Organic fruit
Unsweetened almond milk in bulk
Are just a few of the the organic things I am able to get there and save!

Kai’s typical Smoothie:
Handful spinach
Handful of kale
Almond milk or Coconut Water

Banana or other fruit
PB2 powder or scoop of peanut butter
1 scoop Amazing grass Kids powder

IMG_4200FullSizeRender 7


Xoxox Casey


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