Healthy Snacks my Toddler Loves

Kale Chips….right I’m surprised too!!

A bag of organic kale
Spread out on a cookie sheet
EV oil drizzled
Himalayan sea salt

Cook at 350
Between 10-14 mins depending on the crunch you like 🙂


Chocolate avocado pudding!
Cacao powder
Coconut oil
Agave or Honey

The coconut oil I use varies depending on if I want it super creamy like a frosting or a little thicker for a dip and pudding! Mix in the processor and yum! I do all ingredients to taste and consistency so play around!

Yogurt bark
2 cups flavored coconut milk yogurt( my boy doesn’t do well with dairy) you can use Greek yogurt also!
5 fresh strawberries or any chopped fruit
1 tbsp cacao nibs /coconut flakes
Sprinkled chia seeds/hemp seeds

Spread on parchment paper , Freeze for a few hours!


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