2 on 1

So this past weekend my husband had to travel out of town for work. To say I was nervous and anxious would be an understatement. 2 on 1 here we go, I got this on lock. I knew I needed to be prepared in order to rock this weekend. Of course my mom was only a call away but I wanted, no I needed to know I could handle this!
My 2 month old is easy, it was my 2 year old I needed a game plan for. I made sure my fridge was stock piled, legit Y2K stock piled. My kid could give you a run for your money on the food he houses down. I made sure my freezer was stocked with homemade pops, I added extra greens and extra beets, so if I had to give him 5 in a 911 situation it, it was all good!
I stopped at the dollar store and picked up a few monster trucks incase I needed to bribe him with a prize. I was covering all my bases.
I picked up a bag of top soil, dirt is the way to his heart. I’ll just dump it in the middle of the patio and let him have at it! Nothing a little soap and water can not fix!


So I clearly wrote this after the weekend ensued so did all my planing make for a smooth weekend Solo?!!
My two year old was bouncing off the walls per usually but nothing out of the ordinary! Minus the part where I had Kash in the tub and my two year old pulled down his diaper full of poop and started running around! That was a fun mess! Where is the wine?!
He put his dinner in his hair and threw it across the house. Cleaning up cous cous is not all that fun! I found cous cous in crevices one should not find it! I just had to keep him busy and occupied and fed and we avoided any serious meltdowns! The guy came to mow the lawn and he was infatuated watching that for a good hour which was amazing!
It turns out the exhaustion from being up all night with my 2month old was the hardest part! Yes, I’m not one of the lucky ones whose baby sleeps all night, in fact we party every 2 hours still.
Did I call for help?! I’m pretty sure my husband plan didn’t even take off before I was on the phone planning when she could come over hahaha.
Planning ahead was definitely key though and I’ll be prepared ahead of time whenever my husband goes out of town!

Shout out to all the single mamas! I was raised by one and the woman is a Saint, not sure how she did it! 2 of my best friends do it solo and they are rockstars!! The Mamas who’s husbands are deployed and the mama who’s husband travel to put food on the table you guys are my heroes!





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