Weekend Favs

Comotomo bottles are what I use for Kash! The wide nipple made it easy for him to transition from breast to nipple. No nipple confusion here! Super easy to clean, only 3 parts which is super convenient! They are made of Silicone which is a very safe material that’s 100% free from nasty chemicals like BPA, PVC and Phthalate.

SuperCoffee is my obsession!! I am not a regular coffee girl I can’t stand the taste, I need the flavor! This drink makes me so happy with zero sugar, 10g protein and o my 80 calories!!! This is def a must try! I get mine at wegmans and order in bulk from their website!

I am loving this shade of Stila lipstick! It’s a matte almost mauve color and I am obsessed. No it’s not organic, unfortunately it does have chemicals in it:( I use it sparingly on special occasions!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!




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