Safe Sunscreen Review

Summer is right around the corner!! Time to protect your babies with a SAFE sunscreen!! I’ve done some research/experimenting on the following!

Badger Sunscreen
This one scores a 1 on the EWG score! This one takes a little man power to rub in good and sometimes can leave a white residue. I don’t mind the residue because I know it’s a safe sunscreen. The ones that tend to rub right in are filled with chemicals! Yuck!

Babo SPF 50 sunstick! I love the idea of the stick bc it’s super easy to apply! Although the ingredients are safe it doesn’t rank well on the EWG score because they claim the SPF isn’t what it states it is! Ingredient wise though it ranks well on the EWG score! I have tried it on my face and I haven’t gotten burned and I will continue to use it, however I won’t chance it with my babies bc of the spf concern.

California Pure Naturals Baby sunscreen!
This product does not have an EWG rating, but does contain 70% organic ingredients, made without using parabens, phthalates, GMOs, artificial dyes, petroleum ! I like this small travel size to keep with me wherever I go. It isn’t greasy it goes on nice and smooth. It’s definitely a good alternative to the regular brands out there filled with chemicals.

Erbaviva Baby SOF 30 is non greasy and infused with organic essential oils of chamomile and lavender. Water resistant for up to 80 minutes. This one also takes some rubbing in to not have a white residue. It doesn’t have a rating on the EWG scale but the ingredients are clean and mostly organic.

ThinkBaby SPF 50
This scores a 1 on the EWG score which is awesome! It won’t leave that white residue that some do. It has a nice smell also!! My fav 🙂 and bonus Target now carries it! Don’t blame me for your Target run when 2 things turns into 50 though lol!

There are plenty of other sunscreens out there these are just a few I have reviewed. Ultimately my favorite is the ThinkBaby!

It’s important when looking at sunscreens to avoid the chemical Oxybenzone which is a toxic chemical that is harmful to our health and our planet. It’s linked to hormone disruption and allergic skin reactions in people.

Wondering what EWG that I talk about is? It’s a website and also they have a great app you can put in an array of foods and personal care products and see what harmful ingredients they do or don’t have! I love the app! Or visit the site at

Let me know if there are any baby sunscreens you love that are clean and organic!




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