Adjusting Kai to life as a big Bro


When I was pregnant I used to have meltdowns at the end at the thought of Kai not being my only baby. Not because I didn’t want my new baby, but how would my little man handle it? Would I ever have alone time with him? What if he was mad at me? He was the center of my universe for so long how would this change effect him. The thought tortured me at times and I wanted the transition to be as easy on him as possible. Turns out I totally over analyzed the whole situation.
I would explain to him there was a baby in Mommy’s belly, his full understanding of it ill never know. I did my best to always tell him he was gonna be a big brother, and I read him books to help him understand, but still I was terrified how he would react. I also questioned if I was gonna love my second as much as I loved my first, was I capable of that much love! Yes, yes I am capable of that much love, more love than I could ever put into words.
I spent one night in the hospital after giving birth, I just wanted to get home to my baby. The way the day worked out, Kai didn’t come to the hospital to meet his brother, we just came home. It wasn’t picture perfect by any means, he didn’t get a nap in and he had just woken up when he came in and was miserable. He didn’t pay too much attention to Kash at first. Fast forward a few hours later and every fear I had was out the door. Love at second sight exists and he was obsessed, he still is. It’s the greatest thing to witness. I had gotten him his own doll to help with the transition, that was a waste of money, Kash was his baby. My little helper, when Kash would cry, Kai would come up to me and say “Baby, wahhh wahhh” . He was on top of everything that was going on with Kash. Whenever someone would walk in the door, he would point to his baby brother, and before long he was saying Kache Kache, it was the cutest thing ever. Giving him one on one time wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be either. When the baby napped I made sure Kai got undivided attention even if just for 15mins. My husband would take him on errands to make sure they got their individual time in too.
His speech even flourished, instead of my fear that he would regress, the words just kept coming!
My boys are 27months apart, I don’t know if it’s the age difference or what, but there is no ounce of jealousy. Kai wants him apart of everything and always makes sure he kisses him goodnight. My family of four is filled with more love than I ever could have imagined.




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