Weekend favs 6/9

Clearly by some of my weekend Fav choices can you tell what I’ve been dealing with? 2 stuffy little boys 😦 ugh this weather going from the Antarctic to Sahara is not helping us whatsoever. And who knew post nasal drip makes the little ones throw up, but we are getting through it!!

Nose Frida! I never used this with Kai and the idea totally freaked me out. Wow what I was missing out this thing compared to those bulbs is amazing! Super easy to clean! It’s kind of bizarre he pleasure I get when I successfully suck out some mucous from my babies and make them feel better! I love this thing! I kinda get nervous I’m going to suck to hard but so far everything’s stayed intact.

Boogie Nasal Spray! Ah lifesaver! This helps break up the congestion so I can suck it out so much better. I like the top and nasal tip on this one to get a good angle in the nose! This has helped the boys so much! I found waiting about 10-15 seconds after you spray to use the Nose Frida helps to break up the mucous better to get more out!

No Cow Peanut Butter! This stuff is Ahhhhmazing!! A perfect addition to add to some apples or toast for a special treat! It’s non dairy, 10 grams of protein and low sugar. The taste is so good! Quick and easy for me to get a snack in between juggling my babes!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!




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