Simple word, goes a long way. This little tidbit of advice is huge, like Pretty Woman commission huge. We often get so caught up in the day to day we forget to let people know we appreciate them. Have you told your partner, your mom, a friend that you appreciate them lately?

So what brings up this topic for me. Ohh lawd you have no idea my appreciation for my husband after lastnight.
Today was first my first day back at work, he was on Kash duty so I could get off to a fresh start.

Cue midnight and a crying two year old. I walk into his room and he’s sitting down, not his normal standing reaching for me. He is covered in puke 😦 I’m in panic mode trying to get him cleaned up, but he’s crying so I know he’s not choking, thank goodness! My poor baby. All cleaned up in bed with Mama and the puking just doesn’t stop for the next two hours.
Do you think I heard Kash make a peep? Nope he was going on the longest sleeping stretch of his life, of course. Finally, I creeped downstairs ready to grovel to my husband to switch with me lol. He of course took over with Kai and I laid down with Kash. My husband has the magic touch, Kai stopped getting sick and laid down to rest. Kash slept a few more hours too! Hopefully we keep up this streak. I also got to snuggle him when he woke up before I left for work 🙂

So I get up, do my morning thing and I head off to work. I thought about texting my husband, but I decided to call him instead. To thank him for switching with me and letting me get some sleep.

“Of course babe, he’s my son”
and that is why I love him 🙂

Did I really have to thank him? No, but I appreciate him, not just for that but for all the things he does. It’s important to me that he knows that. I think we all can use that little reminder here and there. Keeps the communication open and provides for a happy healthy relationship when people feel appreciated.

Kai is feeling much better and I somehow survived my first day back at work.



PS if someone came to mind while reading this, give them a call, let them know you appreciate them 🙂


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