Weekend Favs 6/16!!


Klorane Dry Shampoo! I love everything about this dry shampoo! As a busy full time working mom this is my go to! Quick easy way to get my hair clean without the fuss! Spray and go! It’s paraben and sulfate free, yaya!! Did I mention it smells great! Which with this crazy rash I don’t have anything that has a scent to it touch my skin so at least my hair is smelling right 🙂


Oxo Tot Dryig rack! This thing is such a space saver it’s not even funny! It’s nice and compact on my counter leaving, everything nice and organized! Would you believe it’s the only kind out there with this design! Absolutely obsessed! Highly recommended for any new mamas out there with limited counter space, add this to your registry!

Coffee Cacao Organic Power Snacks! If you are a coffee lover these are a must try! Small little bites that pack a punch! They contain 8 superfoods, taste delicious and are nongmo/organic!! Perfect grab and go snack!!


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