Weekend Favs!! 6/23

EzPz mats are the bomb! My 2year old has an arm like Aaron Judge and let me tell you a bowl full of cous cous thrown across my kitchen is no fun! These mats make for mess free dinnertime because they stick to the table and don’t budge! They come in all different fun designs and colors!


So I love to make my own tick repellent, but these packets are super convenient to have on hand! I’ve got a few packets in my car and in my bag! You never know when your gonna take an impromptu trip into the woods! 100% organic, and free of deet and chemicals! I’m not gonna lie though if I’m in an area camping heavy with ticks I will sprays with deet on the outside of clothes!


Garden of Life plant based chocolate fudge bars! My husband is constantly bringing home different bars for me to try, I’m very picky! He gets so annoyed because in usually like eh it’s okay! Calling all chocolate lovers! This one is legit! Healthy, and doesn’t taste like carboard!! Being a busy mom bars like this are a life saver! 1 Gram of SugarOrganicVeganGluten FreeDairy FreeSoy Free


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