Different Reaction?

So after my recent experience with losing my $$ 💩 with  Kash and his procedure, I got to thinking have I ever done that with Kai.


Kai was a little over a year old, Daddy was on the way home from being out of town. I had held it down so well, until bath time hit. Completely washed up, I was opening up the towel on my chest and bending to pick him up. Legit a matter of 3 seconds. He slipped and hit his chin and starts screaming. I instantly pick him up and soothe him, and then I’m covered in blood. Wtf. His chin split wide open. The medical side of me kicked in and I got a cold cloth to apply to it. What the hell just happened, what is sharp in my tub?!

I didn’t fall apart like I did with Kash. Why? Because there was no one there for me to hand him too. My son needed me and I didn’t have a choice. It was me and Kai, and the blood was still coming. I quickly called urgent care to make sure they had a pediatrician on staff. It wasn’t far from my house at all so I got the blood under control and off we went!

They we were wonderful taking care of both of us. I was choking back the tears as I explained what happened. Thankfully it was just the right size for them to glue together and not stitch!! I told the pediatrician how confused I was and she explained that’s how the chin is. Hit it just right and it will split right open. Learned that one the hard way. Kai, however was fine 5 minutes after it happened and got glued up like a pro!!

The funny part is, his father has a chin scar in the same exact spot! Like father like son!

Hopefully, we are done with Mommy meltdowns for a while. Ha, who am I kidding? I meltdown on the regular!




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