He’s not saying 20 words?


I took Kai to his 18month check up and everything was going great, he was going wild, tearing the paper off the table as I was trying to answer the doctors questions. She said to me is he talking?

Um he says mama dada randomly but nothing more.

She looked taken back and said he should be saying 10-20 words, and of course my mind is like what omg is something wrong!

She wanted him to be evaluated my a speech therapist. She gave me all the paperwork to get the ball rolling.

As I left and was driving away, I was puzzled because he wasn’t talking but we were communicating in our own way. Everyone learns at their own pace, its no different for a toddler. As his pediatrician, I do appreciate her being on top of things though.

Also, I had taught him sign language so he didn’t need to use his words, he signed to me.

Anyways he was evaluated and he did not qualify for any services. They gave me tips to help stimulate his verbal skills. Blowing bubbles, using a straw, things to get his mouth muscles working! Other tips such as reading a book repetitively and stopping to see if he will continue. And many others that we started to incorporate.

His 2 year appointment was approaching and I knew his pediatrician would ask me again. My answer would be the same, he’s not saying much at all.

Surprising because if you know me personally, you know my husband, he’s a talker! Like a biggggg talker, how are you? No I want your life story lol.

So I took it upon myself to have him re-evaluated. This time because he was 2 the expectations were higher and he was not meeting them, so he qualified.

His therapist comes to the house 2x a week for 30minutes. Everything she does is initiated by play.

Having him in speech therapy is one of the best things I have done for him thus far. His speech therapist is absolutely wonderful and he loves her!

Right after Kash was born, that’s when the flood gates opened. I’m not quite sure where he gets his southern drawl from but it’s the cutest.

Now the second he hears my foot steps in the morning Ma Ma Ma, it doesn’t stop! Just the other day he wanted another vitamin gummie and I told him no that’s medicine, his response “Seriously” and I see my attitude so clearly in him! Ha

He just went down to 1 day a week with his therapist and soon won’t need it at all.
The therapist said when he was 2 it wasn’t abnormal and we could even wait to have him start and see what happens.

We chose to have him start because I didn’t want him to get angry and frustrated wih himself when others couldn’t understand his needs.

Parents know their children and everyone makes the decision they feel is best. He is quite the chatter box these days and in loving every minute of hearing his little voice!




2 thoughts on “He’s not saying 20 words?

  1. I was the same way with my oldest! She didn’t really talk, talk (she had her own babbly language) until she was 2.5 and moved up to a bigger kid room at daycare. Which was all she needed. She must have KNOWN the words just never verbalized them. I’m on the same path with my 15 month old. She says , mama, dada, baba, stop it, night night, “mo-noma” means food like “om nom nom” lol. I’m not worried about it this time around but I hate being made felt like that by doctors. Thanks for this read!


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