Weekend Favs 6/30

These little fruits chews have been my go to treat for when my son goes on the potty! Definitely a work in progress! It’s nice to have an organic all natural fruit chew that I can count on to entice him! I like these better than some other natural ones because they are tiny and easier for him to chew!


Earth Mix Double Chocolate Protein powder!! All my CNYers need to try this, it’s made locally and absolutely delicious! I’ve been throwing it in my shaker cup with some almond milk and out the door I go for work! It contains no gmos, no fillers, no crap! With raw ingredients and Whole Foods!! Def a must try!


Peony Rose Bud Hair Oil! This leaves my hair smelling amazing! It makes my hair nice and shiny too! I got it in my nourishment beauty box and I’m obsessed! I feel like my hair never has like a smell to it, so this is my new signature scent cause my hair just soaked up the amazing smell!


Have a fabulous weekend!!




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