Money Saving tips

So I’m a serious clearance whore! Or anything that involves saving money! I get a serious high off it like I just jumped out of a plane! Im constantly texting my friends when I see a good deal I know they would love!
I’m the go to girl if they need to buy something because chances are I have a coupon for it! So I figured I’d write about the things I use to get a good deal!


Target Cartwheel! Simple app you download and just scan the products to see if there is a deal! I am constantly checking for when they have there baby stuff on sale to stock up on what I need! Esp when they give gift cards if you spend so much! I’ve done the numbers that’s the best price usually when it comes to baby stuff with the get a gift card.
Let’s not forget about the Target red card, 5% savings every purchase! I love that it’s linked to my bank card and not a credit card cause I’m all about my credit score!!

Shopkick is another great one I use. If you don’t want Apple or whatever phone to know where you are this might not be for you because you have to have “locations” ON. Open the app when you walk into certain participating stores and just like that you earn KICKS! They also let you earn kicks by scanning certain products! After so many kicks you can earn a gift card at a number of stores! Not gonna lie when I was pregnant with Kai I would walk around Target and just scan stuff to keep my mind off when this baby was coming!

Coupon Sherpa! Super easy app, just search for the store and see if they are offering any coupons! I use it a lot for AC Moore, Joann Fabrics and Kohls!


Ebates! Ahhh I love ebates especially Christmas time! I hit up first, type in my store and it automatically directs me to the site! I shop and earn money, it’s legit that easy! They participate with Amazon too which I forget sometimes and don’t go there first! I always take those rebate checks and stick them in the boys savings account! It all adds up!


Ibotta has been my latest obsession!! It’s an app where you select a participating store, I use it at Wegmans and Target all the time! They have select items you can add to your account and get cash back just for buying them! All you do is take a picture of your receipt to prove purchase and money adds into your account! Once you hit 20$ you can have it transferred to PayPal or redeem it for a gift card!


If you have any other apps or money saving tips you use, please share! I love a good deal!!




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